Laboratory Facilities and Data Acquisition

The TRL maintains a fully equipped laboratory for the dating, measurement, analysis, and permanent curation of tree-ring collections. All tree-ring samples are accessioned with the University of Arkansas Museum, which is the ultimate repository for these unique collections of natural history. All numerical tree-ring data are available through the TRL, and are also archived with the International Tree-Ring Data Bank maintained by the National Geophysical Data Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80303.


University Coursework

Undergraduate and graduate students in Geography (B.S., M.S.), Geology (B.S., M.S.), Earth Science (B.S.), Environmental Dynamics (Ph.D.), Geosciences (Ph.D.), and other degree programs at the University of Arkansas can take courses on dendrochronology, climatology, and ancient forest science and sustainability. Several other relevant courses in archaeology, ecology, environmental dynamics, geography, geology, history, and statistics are available elsewhere at the University. Many graduate students interested in tree-rings analysis use this dating method in their thesis research.